Uchi-Komi Isolation Challenge

Can you complete the full Uchi-Komi Challenge?

Uchi-Komi is the repetition of any judo technique – and if done well will improve footwork, style and speed. Want to take on the Uchi-Komi Challenge? With uchi-komi bands or your judo belt, you can complete this challenge from your home or garden.

We challenge you!

We challenge you to complete all 5 levels of this Uchi-Komi Challenge:

  1. 100 Uchi-Komi

  2. 250 Uchi-Komi

  3. 500 Uchi-Komi

  4. 1000 Uchi-Komi (expert level!)

  5. 2500 Uchi-Komi (world class level!)

Level up. Get a Certificate.

Complete a level and get your Uchi-Komi certificate. There are five certificates to earn – starting with 100 Uchi-Komi and going all the way up to a massive 2500 Uchi-Komi.

Can you complete all the levels? You may take as long as you need to complete each level, but you must finish one level before beginning the next.

Uchi-Komi Leader Board

1st Jay - 150 Uchi-Komi

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