Here is something you can do wherever you are! If you have just started judo or are still learning to tie your belt, then practice tying the perfect judo knot. If you can already do your own belt up, then work at getting really fast at tying your belt.

How fast can you tie your belt?

Over 1 minute: That is way too long! Come on we know you can go faster. Have another go!

Under 30 seconds: You are getting much better now, but we think you can do even better.

Under 15 seconds: Wow! This is getting impressive now. Do you think you get faster?

Under 10 seconds: Nice work! You can now tie your belt like an expert judoka

Under 5 seconds: Whooooooaaaaa – you are so fast it’s all a blur. So now, you are that good try again with your eyes closed!

Video and time your attempt and let us know how you get on.

Everyone that successfully shows us that they can tie their belt correctly will receive the "Belt Up" certificate on return to club

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